DAM Interactive is spearheaded by the Sulaiman siblings--Suzy Sulaiman (b.1977)  and Fairuz Sulaiman (b.1982) whose combined talents and working experience are in the fields of architecture, education, video and animation. 

​After the success of DA+C Festival 2011, a platform that showcased local creative talent in digital arts, there came greater acceptance of media-based art that followed by a strong commercial demand. DAM (digital arts media) Interactive was established in 2012 to meet these demands for such commission media art works found at da+c festival. Since then, we have been regularly engaged to produce works for theater set designs, audio-visual performances and most noted for our building projection mapping artworks. Our works explore both analog and digital mediums to create a fusion. In the past we've worked with Boria Asli, a traditional folk troupe, with buildling projection mapping. For Chow Kit Road The Musical, we used `wayang kulit'-inspired visuals as a backdrop.

We are intrigued by the new + old/high + low tech combined with traditional with modern mediums to create a clash and or (con)fusion.


Producers: DAM Interactive

Digital Art + Culture (DA+C) Festival

DA+C Festival began in 2011 and became Malaysia’s first culture and heritage-inspired digital festival. The inaugural  festival happened out a 3-day period that took place at the UNESCO award-winning, Suffolk House, George Town, Penang in July 2011.  It showcased Malaysia’s most innovative talents from animation, video, design, computer programmers and music. It was a part of the organizers’ attempt to kick-start a renewed interest in heritage buildings. Notable Malaysian artists were commissioned by the festival to reinterprate the history, stories and environments of Suffolk House into  digital-based mediums. The works were then expressed through interactive art installations and building video projection mapping. A milestone for Malaysian digital art was the 1st heritage building projection mapping featured at da+c Festival.

DA+C Festival 2011 was co-organized by Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM) and DAM Interactive; an artist collective of Suzy Sulaiman and Fairuz Sulaiman.

DAC Festival is an independent (or we prefer inter-dependent) artist-initiated + produced event that showcases artistic creations that explore heritage//culture through media art// technology-based expressions.