Audio Performance: Deepset

Visuals: KONTAK!

Ossipable (2011)

A city/space however is typical composed by layers of accumulated history/memory that eventually formed the characteristic of an individual. Thus resulting to this imagery narrative of a man in the journey of hope and despair. The utopian imagination of this man is actually reply to the reaction of his surrounding and memories. Repetitive response, familiarity and uncertainty will generally be examined in this plot through visual data and manipulation.



Khairul Hazrin, Digicap, Multimedia University

Virtual Heritage: Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (2011)

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI)

DIGICAP focuses on digital media capture and construction in the content of culture and heritage preservation. Users will get a chance to navigate and examine the virtual space created by photographers.

Audio Performance: DJ Rainf

Visuals by: Fauzi Yusoff

"Satu Hari Penang" (2011)

Bursting street, scenes, right markets, traditional trades and heritage architecture with George Town are vibrantly presented in its collaborative piece. The energy of the traditional burst onto Suffolk House façade to conjure a sense of familiarity yet with a new spin. Traditional music inspired beats are juxtaposed with image composite of the did and new to create an unmistakably Penang flavor.

KOK Sew Wa

Sounds of the Suffolk House – NOW AND BEYOND(2011)

visitors take part in an audio journey, by discovering the ambient sounds found around Suffolk House and sounds ‘imagined’ by the artist while exploring the site. This work explores the audio dimensions blurring the boundaries between fantasy and reality soundscapes. Factual and fictitious experiences at the site.

LIM Kok Yoong

Francis is Light (2011)

Francis is light’ looks at the fundamental relationship between space. Its occupation and its function. It concerns the potential role virtual occupants can play in this process. This project allows virtual partipants from the cyberspace to embody Franc and ultimately occupy the physics space.

Visuals + Animation by: MOTIOFIXO

In collaboration with DAM Interactive and Heritage Trust of Malaysia

The Story of Suffolk House (2011)
Video projection mapping will be used to tell the story of Suffolk House through creative combination of animation and video montage used to re-create scenes in history. Beginning with the plot of the land that Suffolk House rests on, the audience will witness the different stages of the house from its glory period in the 1800's, abandonment, deterioration and its present state of conservation.

WONG Hoy Cheong in collaboration with Fairuz SULAIMAN (MY)

Doors (2011)

Doors are entrance and exit to different spaces. This work uses the large doors in the main hall as ‘windows’ to various locations and realities. This work is meant to be whimsical, surprising and funny. It hopes to draw the audience into considering the variety layers of explore and experience, both the imagined and real.


Visuals + Animation by: Fytullah Hamzah (Kromosomlab)

Dragon Dance Performance by: Zhung Sam Sports Gymnasium, Butterworth

LIEW Kung Yu

Whispering Walls (2011)

The name of Francis Light is synonymous with Penang. Less well known, however, is the story of Martine Rozells-the woman he lived with for over 22 years and had six children wit but never officially married  while Francis Light has been immortalized in history, Martina’s name and even her identity has been mostly forgotten, why?

Music Performance: Flica

Visuals by: Fairuz Sulaiman

In-Between Spaces (2011)

It will be a linear narrative, about anonymous character that passes through various manmade and natural landscape entering the heritage townscapes of George Town, such as the Francis light cemetery. The way jetties and duplicated heritage. It depicts a sense of poignant nostalgia of forgotten memories lost where space/building/structures that are in between; are neither dead nor alive.