Bibichun began as a chalk doodler at a young age. He dropped out of college after a major in Mechatronics Engineering. Bibi participated in group shows and festival including "Urban Folklore" in Kunstraum, Innsburk.

yan jun
anjo bolarda

Matsumoto uses drawings, videos and light to make shamanism-inspired pictorial representation of the image. He often collaborates with musician VOQ for performances and exhibitions His recent solo and groups show include 2014,"Yume no Hanashi (El sueno nos habla/ Tale of Dream)", Verigi Galeria Mexico and 2013 "Ghosts, underpants and stars" Musuem of Contemporray Art, Tokyo.

She is an imrpovised vocalist, video artist and independent artist-curator. Her works have been showcased Asian Meeting Festival, Japan, Playfreely Music Festival, S'pore and Busan International Video Art Festival. Siew-Wai is the founder and director of Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival (KLEX) since 2010 where she actively connects with experimental art communities across the globe.,  

Sarah is a media artist who experiments in visual artistry both analouge and digital. Her interests are in the mysteries of life, science and art, while encouraging people to love and celebrate themselves.

lo shih-tunG (Taiwan)

Chris is a musician, entrepreneur and educator dedicated to finding new modes of expression and innovative technology-based solutions for artists and audiences. He has performed throughout US, Europe and Asia and released 6 albums internationally. He is the founder of Sonifind.

Lo focuses on the special textures present in our daily life, seeing them as Walter Benjamin's discourse-fragments and reflections of a complete structure, a whole world. His works can be viewed as organic documents, unlimited to specific mediums, attempting to arouse inquiry and contemplation on ever-changing warped messages.

Syafiq is a media artist with a background in interactive design and animation. He explores the aesthetics of art-making through computer codes.

andreas siagian
chris golinski
(M'SIA & usa)

Wu graduated with a MFA in computational studio arts from Goldsmiths College University of London. Most of Wu's recent works attempt to capture multifaceted communication between individuals and others by means of programming, images, installation and texts.

Lim kok Yoong
wu i-yeh

Andreas is a cross disciplinary artist with an engineering background focusing on creative communities, alternative education and do-it-yourself culture of collaboration between art, science and technology. He is the co-founder of


fauzi yusoff
selected artists (often those working in digital media) to take part in a short-term residency or commission program. new works are made  responding to a curatorial direction that includes site specificity.

He studied in Germany and staged the exhibition "Live Live Seafood" at the Digital Art Center, Taipei in 2013. He is equally adapt in the video and painting fields. He also holds a belief that, through the creation of arts, artist can not only connect or confront themselves with the society, but also fulfill its function of "self-healing".

Goh is a reputable force in the Malaysian sound art scene and has created sound installations, sonic-visual interactive installations, single and multichannel videos and improv music performances.

Kok siew wai
wong hoy cheong
liew kung yu
tetsuya umeda

Media artists Okui Lala explores various mediums, from creating experimental videos, designing visual performances to conducting photography workshops for local communities.

kamal sabran
Syafiq A. samat

VOQ is a song-writer and singer of the electronics band,"Organ-O-Rounge". He began his solo career with the name of VOG (Bokku) from 2010. He has worked with diverse video artists in collaboration with his compositions and live performances. VOQ's current interest would be expression of visual art via music.

Anjo is a self-taught artist whose works have been exhibited in several international venues. He creates projects that deal with memories and stories of people living in contemporary society.

fairuz sulaiman

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Yan Jun is an improv sound/music artist who often uses feedback noise between speakers and the space to create subtle and unstable sound influenced by his and the audience's body movements. His works includes field recordings including malfunction of the recorders themselves.

Umeda's works spans across sites and disciplines from performing arts, improvisational music and exhibitions. He often collaborates with visual arts and musicians to create works that express time process through physics of light and sound which are then expanded over the environment as an on-site installation.

okui lala
chikara matsumoto

Kamal is an artist, designer, researcher and founder/music composer behind the experimental music project: Space Gambus Experiment. Kamal's works explores sound and music projects as interactive installations often collaborating with visual artists, musicians and scientists.

goh lee kwang (M'SIA)
wang ding-yeh (Taiwan)