“Passion 2 Profession” is a master class that invites successful creative entrepreneurs in the fields of art management, digital art, festival production and creative spaces to share trade secrets and common pitfalls of embarking a "passion-based" career in Malaysia. Participants will learn directly with the Malaysian masters through open discussions and is ideal for fresh graduates, young professionals and budding entrepreneur keen to enter Malaysia’s creative industry.

Discussions on the common challenges faced in the Malaysian and regional industry when wanting to begin their company and ways they overcame that. Learn real-life lesson from these creative entrepreneurs as they ruthlessly and tenaciously bring their passion to the fore.

This master class is ideal for aspiring creative entrepreneurs, fresh graduates, young professionals keen to know what the industry is all about.

The benefits of this program

1. (1)    To promote multi-disciplinary practices amongst the creative practitioners as ways to increase ones’ competitive edge.

2. (2)    To share "best practices" and solutions to overcome common challenges faced by those in the creative arts business.

3. (3)    To highlight the expansive Malaysian creative arts ecosystem that consists of people from a wide range of disciplines.